Welcome to Seasoning Firewood!

Seasoned Firewood Kiln

Lighting a fire is a pleasure with seasoned firewood from Kilncover!

Creates premium kiln-dried firewood from seasoned wood in 10 – 14 days*

Seasons (dries) green wood in 3 – 6 weeks*

Works in every season – even Winter

Kilncover™ protects your firewood from rain and snow like other full covers, but instead of wood molding underneath the cover, it’s patent pending design uses solar energy and directed air convection to quickly make premium kiln-dried firewood.

Made with premium, heavy-duty materials that will last for many years.

Kiln-dried (low moisture content) firewood:

  • is much easier to light
  • burns hotter
  • is more efficient – you are not wasting heat boiling off excess water in the wood
  • is safer – it creates less creosote in the chimney

The Kilncover™ is as easy to put on and use as a regular cover

Firewood under the cover is accessible at all times

Firewood you bring in will be warm, not frozen

It requires no electricity or fuel, it just needs to be placed in a sunny spot

Fits any standard 4 foot long firewood rack or any 4’x4’x2′ stack of firewood.

* Range of times given are average and based on normal variations in number of sunny days and starting wood moisture content.

Buy your Kilncover Solar Firewood Kiln today!

Embersieve – An Essential Wood Stove Tool!


Quickly Separate Ash From Embers With The Embersieve™

Saves Time – Keep your fire going – just remove the ash and keep the hot embers to re-start the fire

Saves Firewood – Save all your embers and coals

Safer – Keep hot embers out of your ash can

Fast – Fastest way to separate ash from ember – takes less than a minute

High sides keeps embers in when shaking ash out

Sturdy construction will last a lifetime

Heat safe black powder finish

How to Use the Embersieve Sood Stove Tool

Move ash and embers to right side of wood stove with an ash shovel.

Step 2 Using EmbersievePut Embersieve™ on left side of wood stove and shovel ash and embers into Embersieve™. Shake Embersieve™ back and forth so that ash falls through.

Step 3 Using Embersieve Firewood ToolDump embers back on right side of wood stove. Now that the ash and embers are separated you can shovel out just the ash.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Embersieve Wood Stove Tool

1. Why is safety an important concern with embers in an ash can?

Embers, especially larger ones, can heat up the ash can enough to start a fire if placed on a flammable surface such as a wooden porch or dry grass. These embers can remain hot for days. To prevent blowing of embers be sure to store cleared out ash in a metal bucket with a lid. Keep the ash bucket away from the house and do not place it on or near combustibles. Thousands of house fires a year are caused by embers in ash from wood stoves. Please be careful.

2. How long does it take to separate ashes from embers with Embersieve?

It takes less than a minute. You will more than make up that time by using the hot embers you keep to re-start your fire.

3. Will I need any other wood stove accessories to use Embersieve?

Yes, you will need an ash shovel. We also strongly recommend a metal ash bucket with a lid.

Embersieve – Wood Stove Accessory – Ash and Ember Separator – On Sale – Only $32.95 from Amazon